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successful background

our history


Sovereign Centros was created by combining two retail and leisure real estate specialists, Sovereign Land
and Centros. Growing at a rapid rate,
the company is currently managing more
than £2 billion of assets and developing
more than 4 million sq ft of retail and
leisure space.

The bringing together and rebranding
of the two businesses as Sovereign
Centros marks an exciting point in the
company’s evolution.

Founded in 1989, Sovereign Land
has enjoyed more than 25 years of success in both direct investment and working in partnership with some of the leading investors in UK property. Sovereign Land built its strong reputation working in partnership with institutional partners, acquiring and managing portfolios and shopping centre and retail warehouse assets.

In 2011, Sovereign Land acquired urban regeneration specialist Centros (founded 1966), which was known
for its expertise in investing and developing in UK towns and major cities. Centros had one of the strongest track records in the UK
in delivering town and city centre retail-led regeneration, having won numerous awards. Centros worked particularly closely with leading UK institutions, local authorities and retailers to create and enhance
both new and existing retail and
leisure environments.