19th November 2020
Since June this year the Sovereign Centros team are delighted to announce the completion of 8 new open market lettings at Corby.

These lettings have introduced a wide variety of complimentary uses into the town centre that include a new bar & restaurant, a travel agency business, a food wholesaler, a new concept department store that will incorporate an artisan food hall, and an egg free cake retailer.

Total area of take up amounts to 28,800 sqft (2,675 sqm) of retailing space right across the town centre and has secured a total gross rental income of £284,000 per annum.

Despite the challenges faced with the high street Corby town continues to attract new businesses who recognise the excellent opportunity it offers as its resident population continues to grow with the ever-increasing level of new housing developments under construction.

It is one town that in our eyes and in the eyes of many has a very bright future.