Environmental, Social and Governance.

Sovereign Centros sets out to run all aspects of its business in a sustainable and compliant manner. In an ever-changing world, we acknowledge that sustainability is now a key element of responsible retail asset management.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy underpins the Firm’s activities across all our investments as well as development assets. It defines our approach to sustainability and forms the basis of our decisions by focusing on business ethics and compliance, people and culture, as well as the environment.

Asset Sustainability Plans are already factored into the business strategies we prepare and implement at our various destinations. From green roofs, solar panel installation, EV charging, water harnessing and wind turbines to the installation of smart lighting systems and photo-voltaic panels, we recognise that long term profitability is very much dependent upon having a sustainable approach to assets.

For our developments, the opportunity to design and create futureproofed technologies within both new and pre-existing mixed-use developments requires a different approach to sustainability thinking. We are very much at the vanguard of this approach and regularly liaise with specialists to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions.

As a responsible asset management firm, we are also well aware of the changes to the corporate governance environment, and work closely with our stakeholders to ensure that sustainability is factored into any long-term business plans for shopping centres.

Sovereign Centros Chief Executive Chris Geaves says: “We know that ESG and the move towards creating a more sustainable environment here in the UK, is a fundamental part of any asset management strategy moving forward. It is particularly relevant in our portfolio of shopping centres and retails parks.”

“All those working within this sector – whether they be investors, developers, landlords or occupiers – implicitly understand that as our climate changes, we need to adapt how we manage the physical environment around us.”